Inquisitive people with creative vision can help propel a business forward – creating great partnerships and connections with customers.

For business and technology consultancy Davanti it's those visionary people that have allowed them to help drive other businesses to succeed.

Now Davanti itself is growing – by an impressive 20 percent each year – and the business needs more can-do people.

Davanti CEO Justin Hamilton is looking for talented business and Salesforce consultants to join what he describes as an incredible team of "curious and driven people" at Davanti.

"Davanti exists for the sole purpose of helping our customers get closer to their customers," he said.

"We engage working in cross-functional teams with our clients leveraging the best customer transformation platforms to deliver outcomes faster."

The professional services firm uses technology to help companies better connect with their customers.  

"We help organisations interact with and get closer to their customers across all channels, and across all elements of that lifecycle," Hamilton said.  

"We deliver experience-led digital transformation — powered by creativity — creating experiences that unlock the digital potential of businesses." 

The company is dedicated to achieving real results that improve lives. 

It has worked with some of New Zealand's largest organisations in both the public and the private sector.

The Davanti team have helped those organisations improve the way they interact with their customers, engaging and building relationships with their audience.

The company recently became part of Isobar – a company with 6,500 people in 85 locations across 45 markets globally.

Isobar's mission to transform businesses, brands and people's lives with the creative use of digital aligned perfectly with Davanti's so there was little change – but plenty of opportunity – from the change in ownership.

Isobar is recognised as one of the 12 Salesforce partners that matter most and Davanti is committed to being a leading Salesforce partner in Australasia.

Davanti has been a platinum Salesforce partner in NZ for 10 years.

To do this it needs to secure skilled business consultants.

The ideal Davanti business consultant will focus on the business outcome, maximising the value for clients and delighting customers.

 "Our consultants are not afraid to challenge the status quo to understand the drivers and essence behind what clients are requesting," Hamilton said.

 "They are persuasive enough to get things done when they don't have formal authority, coaching and mentoring clients, external partners and our own technology teams to deliver."

Davanti also needs experienced Salesforce consultants.

"We work with the full range of Salesforce products, pioneering their use in New Zealand and giving our customers world leading solutions," Hamilton said.

"Our team members understand the business processes the products support, the technological foundations of the platform and they know how to integrate it into a client's existing architecture."

There are positions for the most junior to senior consultants.

"People with passion who could learn how to apply structure, how to model, how to write and how to influence," Hamilton said.

Davanti people can help clients understand how to make the best use of the platform, how to harness its power, how to leverage the data to reveal real actionable insights.

"The result is not just delivered software; it is a customer engagement platform that can transform the way an organisation does business."

The company has been in business for over 12 years and has more than 130 permanent staff in its Auckland and Wellington offices – and it's growing.

It prides itself on employing people who are natural-born problem solvers who love finding and creating the best outcomes and experiences for customers.

And it offers plenty in return.

It is a workplace that encourages and celebrates growth. Where consultants are challenged and supported.

"We delight in watching our team members grow; we see it as part of Davanti's mission, and we celebrate the customer successes our people help create."

"We have a highly talented team and there are lots of people to learn from, and a fun environment to work in and interesting work to work on."

Hamilton said Davanti was more than just a company name.

 "It is our brand, what we stood for then, and what we stand for today," he said.

"Davanti means staying ahead."