The man acquitted of murdering New Zealander Warriena Wright claims police and Facebook are not taking threats on his life seriously because he is a man.

Gable Tostee, 31, was found not guilty of murdering the 26-year-old New Zealand tourist after she fell from the balcony of his 14th floor Gold Coast apartment in 2014.

Since the trial, Tostee, who has changed his name to Eric Thomas, claims he has been the ongoing victim of internet trolls.

Writing on his Facebook page, Tostee told followers that a woman from Melbourne had shared an article about his return to the Tinder dating app.


She wrote: "What can you say except... study this p***k's face, remember it... and if he looks at you sideways... stab him."

"Yet another example of Facebook saying that serious threats of violence ('stab him') doesn't violate their community standards after reporting it multiple times," Tostee wrote on Facebook on Tuesday, before adding "Let's see if they [the police] take it seriously"

Tostee went on to say he and other men are "treated unfairly by law enforcement or media just because we were born males".

"To add to it, they will shame us just for trying to protect ourselves from it - I was labelled a creep for recording, callous, unempathetic, and even psychopathic for quarantining myself from the situation in order to avoid wrongful incrimination, and remorseless for refusing to accept responsibility for something the Supreme Court confirmed I wasn't responsible for."

Tostee also claimed domestic violence was "not a gendered issue" and blamed "today's misandrist society" for the "witch hunt" against him.

Tostee was criticised for a comment he made on Facebook in April when a woman called him a murderer and pointed out he used a "fake name" on Facebook.

"The only thing I murder is pu**y," he wrote.

9 News reports Tostee was asked why he returned to the dating app that had connected him with Wright.

"When you add up the numbers I actually had a pretty smooth run on the whole with Tinder," he responded.