Nanogirl, also known as Dr Michelle Dickinson, has officially opened what is likely to be the world's first medical facility to feature a stunning, glowing Matariki constellation in its ceiling.

Located within the Southern Cross Hospital on Wairau Rd on Auckland's North Shore, the new state-of-the-art facility is owned by image-guided healthcare specialist Intra.

The company says it uses image-guiding technology so patients may spend less time in hospital and require less time to recover.

Many of the procedures diagnose and treat medical conditions in relation to the heart, cancer, circulation, fibroids and kidney disorders.


Among the multimillion-dollar technology is a glowing starry ceiling in the main procedure area that features 1540 LED lights. This helps relax patients and aids recovery, says Intra's medical director, Professor John Ormiston.

Intra was formerly known as Mercy Angiography and it also has a long-established facility at Mercy Hospital in Epsom.

Ormiston says Intra provides image-guided healthcare; interventional cardiology, radiology, and oncology.

"We look within, shining a light inside the patient to identify what needs to happen, and then taking minimally invasive steps when treating: safer procedures that promote quicker and easier patient recovery."

- Staff reporter