File this one under "Umm ... what?"

The internet blew a fuse over the weekend after Justin Bieber posted a selfie to his Instagram account that featured a "Bieber" watermarked script for Batman Vs. Superman, written by David S Goyer and Zack Snyder.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the teen titan shared the snap on Friday with a caption that read, "#robin ??"

Not surprisingly, the snap sent comic book fans and Beliebers into a frenzy, sparking fevered speculation he could be in line to play Robin in the sequel.


But wait just a cotton-picking minute.

Take a deep breath, Bat-fans, for later in the day, the Biebs tweeted that he was "Off to do something funny ... or die," making reference to a Funny or Die skit he's got in the pipeline.

Bieber was snapped arriving at the studio in Hollywood to film an unspecified skit with close pals Lil Za and Lil Twist on Friday.

Stand by for a video spoofing the outrage over Affleck's casting as the brooding, pointy-eared superhero in the not-too-distant future.

Either that, or Bieber's really (tongue firmly in cheek) in line to play Batman's trusty sidekick Robin.

OMG, no! Just no. Or as my favourite uber-villain Darth Vader would exclaim: "NOOOOOOOOO!"

Meanwhile, now that the Batfleck backlash has simmered down, inquiring minds want to know what Ben Affleck's take on the Caped Crusader will be like.

Try "tired and weary".

That's the word from Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara, according to Variety.

Speaking at an industry event in Beverly Hills last week, Tsujihara described Affleck's Batman as "kind of tired and weary and seasoned and been doing it for a while".

Warner Bros. announced last month that Affleck, 41, is set to take over from Christian Bale as Batman in director Zack Snyder's upcoming Man of Steel sequel. Almost immediately after the news emerged, the internet was ablaze with some pretty strong reactions to the casting.

A petition protesting the casting, and calling for the studio to find someone else to don the cape and cowl has also garnered over 93,000 signatures.

Nevertheless, Tsujihara insists that Affleck, who will face off against Henry Cavill's Superman in the sequel, is "perfect" for the next Batman, and expects the film to be "huge".

"Ben is perfect for the vision Zack has for that character," he told the crowd. "The fact that you saw such a passionate response in the blogosphere is really kind of a testament to the love that people have for this character."

Meanwhile, James Franco has weighed in on the controversial casting choice, and it seems he's all in favour of Affleck playing Gotham's Dark Knight.

"I think he's proved himself now as both a director and an actor," Franco said at the Toronto International Film Festival, according to E! News.

"Maybe he should direct it," he quipped, adding, "I think he should direct it."

Franco also said that Affleck didn't deserve the criticism he received after headlining Marvel's Daredevil in 2003.

"Daredevil wasn't my favourite movie, but I don't blame Ben for that," added Franco, who starred in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy.

"As an actor, there's this crazy thing where you could be good, you do good work, but then if you're in a movie that's not so good, they blame you...That's just crazy thinking," he said.

"I think he'll be a good Batman."

Affleck's wife Jennifer Garner agrees.

"You know, I was excited for him," the actress told MTV News during the Toronto International Film Festival last week.

"I was excited because he had a real take on what he wanted to do."

She added: "I have to say, my husband is a pretty great storyteller himself, and I'm excited to watch him do it."

Hugh Jackman, who knows a thing or two about playing superheroes, also gave Affleck's casting as Bats the thumbs up.

"He's a tough guy," Jackman said in an interview with MTV News. "He's a Boston kid, right? He's a tough guy."

He added, "I think Ben is a great actor. I think he's been underrated for a long time. He's obviously a great director. He's a very smart guy. That guy doesn't make decisions that aren't well thought out, that aren't great.

"I know [Affleck] a little bit and I know he's going to relish the opportunity to go and crush it," he said. "I have no doubt he's going to crush it."

The Man of Steel sequel, tipped to be called Batman vs Superman, is slated to hit the big screen in July 2015.


And finally ...

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