A battle to retain an 18-hole golf course at Chamberlain Park in Auckland is heading to court.

Save Chamberlain Park has today filed judicial review proceedings in the High Court at Auckland to challenge a decision by Auckland Council to cut the golf course in half.

The Eden-Albert Local Board has been looking at how the golf course might be reconfigured into a nine-hole course and other uses.

Save Chamberlain Park chairman Geoff Senescall and lawyer Julian Long said the proceedings claim it is wrong the park is being treated like a small local reserve, saying decisions about it should be made by Auckland Council, not the local board, which had not worked with other boards about its decisions.


"We need public golf courses in Auckland. We have two 18-hole public golf courses right now. You'd think a decisions to halve the capacity of one of them would be something a local board might speak to others about," the pair said.

A council spokeswoman said it would be inappropriate to comment given that legal proceedings had begun.