Tiger Woods is at the centre of more controversy, this time involving an aerial advertising campaign at the Masters in Augusta.

The troubled golfer shot a first-round 68 while a plane circled overhead dragging banners which read "Sex addict? Yeah. Right. Sure. Me too!" and "Tiger: Did you mean bootyism?" - the latter a reference to Woods' recent claim he is returning to Buddhism.

The flights were handled by a company called Air America Ariel Ads, based in Toledo, Ohio.

The company would not reveal who commissioned the ads, but spokesman Jim Miller told British newspaper The Sun there were more to come.

"Keep your eyes open. They get better and better," he said yesterday.

The tournament has received massive media attention since Woods announced it would be the scene of his comeback from the sex scandal that blew his private life apart.

He defied those who thought he would struggle under intense international scrutiny by shooting a second-round 70 to make the cut comfortably.

Woods has won the Masters four times, but this was the first year he has shot below 70 in the opening round.

In line with promises to be friendlier to those who watch him play, Woods waved and smiled at fans, at one point observing: "I like my position."