Twenty five-year-old Alexandra Whitley is used to dominating race tracks. In December she made motorsport history as the first female to win a V8 Ute Championship race.

While she came fifth last week at Manfeild, she is still riding high from the career highlight.

"I had my first race win at Pukekohe a few months ago so that was really cool," Whitley said, "so representing for the girls and battling out there with the men."

Her current campaign is part of the Speedworks Motorsport NZ Championships, and will go to Hampton Downs in a month for another three races, aiming for the number one spot.


But the Auckland driver has bigger plans for later in the year - she's qualified for a new 'Open Wheel' series that takes her to the heart of international motorsport.

"I've just actually qualified for the W-Series," she said. "It's an all female series in Europe and that's an open wheeler so very similar to what the TRS cars are."

At Manfeild, Whitley was one of many hopefuls looking to Europe. Drivers from around the world use the New Zealand TRS series in their off-season as training for Formula One.

Next up, Whitley is looking forward to hitting the tarmac at Round 7 at Hampton Downs in March, after a few runnign repairs after some nudges to her vehicle at Manfeild.

"The boys were giving me a bit of a rough time but that's alright. We'll go home and fix it and come back twice as strong."

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