Emanuel Balbo, a 22-year-old Argentine football fan, died Monday from injuries suffered while he was attacked in the stands during a match in Cordoba on Saturday, UPI reports.

Four men have reportedly been arrested in connection with the attack, which left another man injured and Balbo initially in a coma after he fell 30 feet from the bleachers.

Video of the attack, which occurred during halftime of a match between Belgrano and Talleres, shows fans punching Balbo in the stands at Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium and then pushing him over a railing. Subsequent footage shows Balbo motionless on the concrete staircase below.

According to the Associated Press, Balbo's father said his son was attacked by a mob after he faced off with a man that Balbo blamed for killing his brother.


Belgrano issued the following statement on Monday:

"Belgrano Club deeply regrets the death of Emanuel Balbo and, as an organizing institution of the event in which the events happened, ratifies its predisposition to the cause in the corresponding area: Justice. On a very sad day for the whole celeste family, Belgrano again calls for reflection and brings peace to his community about institutional involvement so that justice is done by Emanuel. Here it is not a question of giving effective speeches, but of acting in depth in the corresponding field. That is the real and true commitment of this Club. Our condolences to family and friends."

The Argentine newspaper Clarin reports that Balbo's attackers will be charged with aggravated homicide.