Tauranga man Nick Baker took to Twitter this week to find out which baked good was New Zealand's favourite.

Baker, a web analyst, created a total of nine Twitter polls over the nationwide lockdown.

Baker's polls proved popular during the first lockdown so he decided to pick them back up two weeks ago.

"[I]started with a pie flavour poll just as a one off and it mushroomed so much that I carried on doing them..."


"When lockdown started again, I decided to do more polls," Baker told the Herald.

Polls during the first lockdown had New Zealanders voting for their favourite, chips, pie, chocolate, lollies, biscuits and takeaway.

This week, New Zealanders are voting for their best-loved baked good in the #NZBakeOff Twitter poll.

In round one, the popular jam donut and caramel slice went head to head, the latter triumphing.

The caramel slice knocked out the ginger slice in round two, and will come up against the carrot cake in the quarter-finals.

In the country's "lockdown 2.0", Kiwis have also voted for their favourite TV show: Country Calendar won gold, silver was Outrageous Fortune and the Billy T James Show won bronze.

Baker's polls have become extremely popular on Twitter, and voters have struggled to choose.

Quarter-Finals of #NZBakeOff. Photo / Twitter
Quarter-Finals of #NZBakeOff. Photo / Twitter

"I cannot believe you're pitting vanilla custard slice against the chocolate éclair! Impossible choice," one voter commented.


32 cakes, slices and other baked goods have gone head to head and only one will come out on top.

• The bake-off poll has moved into the quarter-finals and you can head over to Baker's Twitter to vote for your favourite!