An English hotel has changed the name of its bar after facing backlash due to its ties to slavery.

The 'Hollow Cow Hotel' in Manchester has apologised, following criticism online, after a screenshot of the bar's website was posted and shared on Twitter.

Claiming the bar had 'Colonial Vibes'.

The original tweet had more than 700 shared and 1500 likes.


In an apology posted to Instagram, the hotel said it was sorry and claimed the name referred to 'the owner's family wood plantation in India'.

"The 'colonial' reference was to the furniture and architecture style. We would never in a million years, seek to cause any offence or draw parallels to colonial-era crimes."

The majority of the workforce on plantations in America's south during the colonial era were African slaves.

Many 'controversial' global brands have changed the names of products following the Black Lives Matter movement.

Those include Nestle, which announced it would change the names of lolly products Chicos and Red Skins.

The NFL's 'Redskins' dropped that name and logo in July and are now known as the Washington Football Team.