Passengers who lost items in a tour bus fire near Cromwell are angry and disappointed with how the travel company dealt with the aftermath of the fire.

Adelaide woman Gayle Morris said her experience had left her with unpleasant memories of New Zealand.

The bus, which was carrying 48 tourists around the South Island, burst into flames at the Jones Family Fruit Stall, 5km west of Cromwell on January 3.

Tourists lose all as bus left a 'skeleton' after fire in Central Otago


The bus was managed by travel brand Trafalgar and was carrying tourists on Trafalgar and AAT Kings tours.

Trafalgar and AAT Kings are owned by The Travel Corporation.

The fire was most likely caused by a hot exhaust causing wood chips to catch fire.

Morris and her husband Ian recently contacted the Otago Daily Times with their concerns.

The Morrises lost jewellery and cash in the fire.

They were still in the process of making insurance claims, which Gayle Morris said she found frustrating.

"Most of the tour group have kept in touch via a closed Facebook page and we are all very angry and disappointed," she said.

After the fire, the passengers travelled to Queenstown on a replacement bus.

That evening they were taken to The Warehouse and Trafalgar bought some clothing and personal items for the passengers, which Morris described as "awful quality''.

Some travellers had to attend medical appointments which Trafalgar organised, but travellers had to pay for the medicines.

Trafalgar organised travel for those who lost passports to go to embassies in Wellington and Auckland for replacements, but only paid for the travel.

Passengers received a letter of apology from The Travel Corporation but Morris said she found out the cause of the fire from the Otago Daily Times.

In compensation for the fire, The Travel Corporation refunded passengers half the cost of the tour from the day of the fire and 20 per cent off their next guided tour with the company.

After the tour, passengers received only an automated email from the company.

"We expected a lot more evidence of their concern for our welfare. It has now been over two months since the fire and nothing positive has happened.

"It had definitely not given us pleasant memories of NZ.''

AAT Kings managing director Hans Belle confirmed the company offered reimbursement and a discount for future tours and said the company was "committed'' to their guests' welfare.

"Their travel insurance providers are dealing with the requests for compensation and we appreciate how trying this can be at times.

"Each guest on the affected trip has a dedicated local contact and we are continuing to assist them.''

Belle said after a review drivers were told to avoid parking near dry vegetation.