Key Points:

1: Plan and invite wisely

Before you shop, make a guest list. Knowing the number of people coming to your party is the first step to reducing waste. Save paper by sending electronic invitations.

2: Encourage your guests to travel green


In the invitation, indicate clearly how to get to the dinner party on public transport. Is there a bus nearby? If you don't live near public transport, ask guests to carpool.

3: Use eco-conscious decorations

Decorations are often paper and plastic and last only a short time. Look outside for nature-inspired decorations. Why not gather branches, flowers, foliage and rocks?

4: Buy seasonal and local produce

The farmers' market is the ideal place to buy local food, which is good for your health and for the Earth, because it travels only a short distance from producer to your plate.

5: Sip green drinks

When you're planning what drinks to serve, try to avoid those in cans and bottles. But if you do have drinks in these containers, clearly mark a place where guests can recycle.

6: Go vegetarian

Meat production contributes to climate change - producing 1kg of beef requires 14,000 litres of water. Cattle and other livestock also produce methane, a gas 20 times more harmful than carbon dioxide.

7: Choose sustainable seafood

If you're thinking of serving seafood, go the sustainable route and avoid contributing to the overfishing that is devastating the world's seafood population.

8: Use the right tableware

Avoid paper cups, plates, napkins and plastic utensils. If you are stuck on these, look for unbleached or biodegradable products. Or use dishwasher- safe china and glasses.

9: Send guests home with leftovers

Instead of letting leftovers sit in your fridge, send some home with your friends. Lend them your green Tupperware or encourage them to bring their own to fill up after the party.

10: Clean up green

Set up bins that mark where guests can recycle and compost. Composting scraps is great for your garden and easy to do. Be sure your dishes are finding their way into an efficient dishwasher.