A Sky News reporter has been left red-faced after her son gate-crashed her interview live on air.

Foreign Affairs editor Deborah Haynes, who has been working from home in the UK during the coronavirus pandemic, was reporting on the new security laws that passed in Hong Kong this week when her toddler stormed into the room asking for biscuits.

"David Cameron was talking about... Oh I'm really sorry, that's my son arriving, really embarrassed, sorry," she explains.

She tells her son to hold on for a moment before he asks: "Can I have two biscuits?"


She calmly responds that he can have his treats before the camera cuts her off.

"I'm really sorry about that," she says as the broadcast returns to the news anchor Mark Austin in the studio.

Austin, however, sounds very unimpressed by the intrusion, telling viewers: "That's what happens in lockdown".

He added: "Yes, okay, we'll leave Deborah Haynes in full flow there with some family duties."

The short clip has gone viral on Twitter after it was shared by TV critic and broadcaster Scott Bryan.

"Absolute scenes on the BBC News Channel," he captioned the video.

Many praised the toddler for his keen negotiating skills.

"Send the kid to Brussels to lead the biscuit negotiations. Let's get biscuits done," one person joked.


Another added: "He knew what he was doing - gaining leverage in the snack negotiations. If Mum hadn't been on the telly, he'd have ended up with a piece of fruit. Two biscuits - great result."

Others pointed out how disappointed they were with the way Austin handled the situation as they believed Haynes had things under control.

"She was multi-tasking just fine and had resolved the whole thing. Did he really cut off the interview at the point when the biscuit negotiation had already been concluded?" one person asked.

Another added about Austin: "What a miserable presenter."

On person branded the news anchor's shutdown as "patronising and condescending" while others questioned whether the same would have happened if the journalist was male.

On the same day, Dr Clare Wenham's daughter Scarlett decided to join in on the gatecrashing fun when she interrupted her mother's live interview with the BBC News.


The shot clip shows her daughter marching in the room and trying to place a picture of a unicorn on a shelf.

BBC presenter Christian Fraser handles the situation better and interacts with the toddler, telling her he thinks the "lovely unicorn picture" looks better on the lower shelf.

Scarlett then decided to spark a conversation with the presenter, asking for his name, to which Fraser responds: "My name's Christian".

She then asks for her mum to tell her where she would prefer the picture to go.

Wenham continues to apologise, but the presenter is not fazed.

"This is the most informative interview I've had all day," Fraser says while laughing.


Several on social media suggested Sky News should have handled their impromptu visit in the same manner as the BBC.

"BBC wins again. Pure class," one person wrote.