Star Wars actor John Boyega's emotional speech during London's Hyde Park Black Lives Matter demonstration this week has prompted support from others in the film industry.

Boyega, 28, teared up while speaking about the death of George Floyd as well as Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin, and UK man Stephen Lawrence as a result of police brutality, according to The Independent UK.

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"We are a physical representation of our support for George Floyd," he told crowds.


"We are a physical representation of our support for Sandra Bland. We are a physical representation of our support for Trayvon Martin. We are a physical representation of our support for Stephen Lawrence.

"I'm speaking to you from my heart. Look, I don't know if I'm going to have a career after this, but f*** that.

The actor went on to say: "I need you to understand how painful this s**t is. I need you to understand how painful it is to be reminded every day that your race means nothing and that isn't the case anymore, that was never the case anymore."

Thousands gathered at Hyde Park on June 3 to protest against racism and police brutality.

Later on, the Star Wars Twitter account made a statement in support of "their hero" Boyega.

"Lucasfilm stands with John Boyega, and his message that, 'Now is the time. Black lives have always mattered. Black lives have always been important. Black lives have always meant something.' The evil that is racism must stop. We will commit to being part of the changes that is long overdue in the world."

Boyega's Star Wars co-star Mark Hamill also showed his support, tweeting that he had never been prouder of him and signing off, "love, dad".

The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson wrote "Love this man" of Boyega on Twitter.