A reality star has admitted to having extreme hygiene and cleaning habits during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fox News reports Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville spoke about her cleaning habits on her podcast Unfiltered.

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"I spray bleach on my children … because you can't buy rubbing alcohol anywhere so I diluted some bleach and water and everyone gets a little spray spray."


Glanville later clarified her comments on Twitter and insisted she misspoke.

"I was exaggerating I don't spray their faces I spray the bottom of their shoes!!!!!"

The 57-year-old referenced President Donald Trump's dangerous comments about using disinfectant to treat Covid-19 in her next tweet.

In April, Trump suggested people should inject themselves with "disinfectant" and hit "the body with light" to cure coronavirus.

"I mean after all the president did suggest that we inject ourselves with detergent but I'm just gonna stick to spraying the bottom of our shoes with bleach when we come in because we've been all over [sic]," Glanville wrote.

"I also put Purrell [hand sanitizer] on my dogs little paws after our walks [sic]."

The Real Housewives star has two teenage sons with her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian, Mason Edward, 16 and Jake Austin, 13.

Glanville also opened up about how her parenting styles differ with Cibrian, saying: "I'm like the fun crazy one, and he's like the boring one that makes sure they do their homework.


"I'm like, 'That's on you. Nobody made sure I did mine.' I do everything else for them, I'm not doing their homework for them too. Plus, I can't. F*** that."