While most of us have been using tins of baked beans as weights and trying not to kick the cat while doing star jumps in the living room, the rich and famous have been reminding us that they had the home workout thing stitched up long before lockdown started.

Celebs may not be attending fancy soirees and fashion shows right now, but they can still make us envious with their palatial quarantine digs and luxurious home gym setups.

Enter Kim Kardashian West, who took to Instagram on Friday to share what might be the most outrageous iso post yet.

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Quarantine Workout

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Captioned "Quarantine Workout", the newly blonde Kim reclines against a treadmill wearing nothing but a tiny leopard-print bikini and chunky Yeezy trainers.

In the second photo, she zooms in on her ridiculously toned body and super hi-cut bikini bottoms, in case you couldn't tell how how hot she is from the first pic.

There's not a drop of sweat on Kimmy, suggesting that perhaps she took the photo pre-workout, or maybe immediately after she dreamt up the post with her stylist and sat in hair and makeup for two hours.

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All dressed up with nowhere to go

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Her body definitely proves that she's been working hard, however.

Props to whoever else has been working on her, too.

The post is the latest in a series of racy photos Kim has posted this week, including a series in which she's wearing a white bikini and chaps while getting out of a silver sports car and plenty of her modelling her new Skims "summer mesh" line of undergarments.

The latest pics provoked an outpouring of comments.

"Omg," commented model/actor Emily Ratajkowski.


"Zooming in on which machines you have," joked actor Kat Dennings.

Workout or not, the post elicited the desired response. Just three hours after posting, it had 1.6 million likes.