A model who worked with pop star Harry Styles in a new music video has revealed the singer is a "consent king".

On Instagram Live, Ephrata and fellow model Aalany McMahan, who also appeared in the video, spoke about the positive experience they had with Styles while shooting his new Watermelon Sugar music video.

"The people were telling him to touch my hair and play with it and he was like, 'Wait, wait, wait, pause — can I even touch your hair? Is that even okay?'" Ephrata said

"And I was like, 'Yeah, that's so nice. That was really sweet.'"


McMahan agreed: "He was very huge on the consent."

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"Consent king!" Ephrata chimed in.

The model mentioned that she decided to play by Styles rules and asked him if it was okay to kiss him on the cheek when she was told to by directors.

"They told me to kiss him, and "I felt like I had to ask, too. I was like, 'Are you sure?' and he was like, 'Yes, go ahead!', Ephrata said.

"That's why it was so fun because everybody was so like comfortable ... Nothing felt like forced, people weren't stuck up on set."

McMahan added: "It was just natural."

Styles' music video for Watermelon Sugar came was released on Monday and has had at least 13 million views on YouTube so far.


The sixties summertime homage features dreamy golden beach scenes and a number of bohemian-looking models.