Rhys Darby has released a comedy show inspired by the Covid-19 lockdown.

The Alone Rangers show is a web series that follows a Park Ranger and his tips and tricks for coping with life in isolation.

"A group of isolated (together) creatives will bring you weekly episodes until the world fixes. Laughter heals," he wrote on Instagram.

In the first episode, the characters must come to terms with the fact that there's no rugby or cricket anymore, and instead make-do with lockdown-approved sports like "distance boxing" and frisbee with hand sanitiser.


Episodes are ten minutes long, and air every Friday on Darby's YouTube channel.

While the Kiwi comedian is based in Los Angeles, he returned home after the lockdown was announced.

"The crisis was going to get worse and knowing Trump and the American system, and how costly it is, they weren't going to handle it as well as we would in New Zealand, so we basically ran home to mum," he told Stuff.