Engagement rings and a new-born baby both feature in the new season of BossBabes, but the rise of Covid-19 adds a touch of drama to the popular TVNZ OnDemand show.

Fans will see more of the glamorous lives led by Auckland Instagram entrepreneurs Edna Swart and Iyia Liu, in the second season which launched on Tuesday, but we also get a serious insight into how the pandemic is affecting small Kiwi businesses.

"I'm looking forward to sharing a bit more because I feel like this season, we are more authentic," Swart tells TimeOut.

"We got used to having the cameras around and we open up more and show more of who we are, both business-wise and personally.


"As the season goes on you actually see the beginning of the whole Covid-19 issue and how it affects both of our businesses.

"So you get more of a real feel in this season. I'm excited and I know Iyia is too."

BossBabes has new episodes weekly on Tuesday's at TVNZ OnDemand. Photo / Supplied
BossBabes has new episodes weekly on Tuesday's at TVNZ OnDemand. Photo / Supplied

Social media followers will know Iyia's "Boss Baby" has arrived, with the new season following the last nine weeks of her pregnancy and the birth of her little girl Summer.

Edna's engagement to fiancee Alex is already public knowledge as well, with the cameras capturing the moment he popped the question in a romantic moment during a visit to South Africa.

Work is also keeping them both busy, with Edna's Ed&I Beauty and Swim company expanding, and Iyia focused on growing her Girls in Business organisation, but the pair face considerable challenges dealing with the impact of Covid-19.

"Both Iyia and I use materials that come out of China," Swart explains.

"We started feeling the effects [of Covid-19] months prior to lockdown. You don't realise actually how much we rely on the supply chain coming from China and how it has an effect.

"It's been it's been tough the last couple of months and definitely challenging keeping the business alive. But I'm just trying to be positive throughout all this."

The government's move to close New Zealand's borders also impacted on the show – and Edna's plans to celebrate her engagement.

"We did plan to head overseas. We were supposed to have my hen's party in Vegas as the last episode and unfortunately, given the circumstances that didn't happen.


"But I really hope that the viewers just enjoy it and see more of who we are and the real struggles of a business as well."

What: BossBabes season two
When: New episodes each Tuesday
Where: TVNZ OnDemand