Comedy duo Jono and Ben lightened up day 12 of Kiwis' isolation today with their Hits debut.

Their pop-up radio show Iso-Luncheon kicked off at midday on April 6 ahead of their new breakfast show scheduled to start on April 20.

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The midday show is an hour of radio entertainment featuring Kiwis staying home doing their part during lockdown.


It's aimed at raising Kiwis' spirits during what is an anxious time for all of us.

"It's nice to be on the radio again, we're thinking of everyone out there ... we're all going through this together as a nation," Ben Boyce told listeners.

Jono and Ben welcomed fellow Kiwis in isolation to the show this afternoon. Photo / The Hits
Jono and Ben welcomed fellow Kiwis in isolation to the show this afternoon. Photo / The Hits

The pair chatted to a couple of famous Kiwis also in isolation.

South African-Kiwi comedian and actor Urzila Carson made an appearance, telling the hosts she'd already been so "germaphobic" before Covid-19 that her lifestyle had barely changed.

"I'm living my best life - everyone is making sure they wash their hands, I haven't left my house in six weeks we've only been in lockdown for 2!"

She also shared her top tip for face mask wearers: don't drink coffee before putting the mask on, your breath will smell.

Mental health advocate and former comedian Mike King also showed up and gave Boyce and Pryor some advice for looking after your mental health while in lockdown.

"It's pretty simple really, we have to change how we think about this ... we can't waste time worrying about what's happening in the future, we need to stay focused on where we are right now," he told the radio hosts.


"We're all gonna make it through tomorrow and the next day and the next day."

He told Boyce and Pryor New Zealand needed people like them to "lift our spirits and remind us we've got so much to be thankful for".

The duo introduced a game called Okay Zoomer - a spin on the "okay, boomer" trend rewarding a "boomer" who could answer a Zoom call within a minute.

Boomers aren't the only ones who are clueless about Zoom, apparently - Boyce shared that he'd accidentally Zoomed in to his daughter's dance class on day 1 of lockdown.

They also called up Des, a cleaner at Kenepuru hospital, and surprised her with a $250 GrabOne voucher. They will be calling up an essential worker each day of the show and rewarding them for their hard work.

Jono and Ben's Iso-Luncheon is available across The Hits network and on iHeartRadio. Their breakfast show will be available on The Hits 6am to 9am on weekday mornings.