Since the nationwide lockdown began, you might have been wondering how to while away the long hours but also keep up to date with everything that's going on. Listening to a podcast or seven to keep you entertained might be just what you're after.

Here are a few of our picks to get you started. So grab a cuppa, curl up on the couch - or multi-task with a workout or cleaning binge - and get your daily fix of entertainment with these podcasts available for free on iHeartRadio.

The best seven podcasts.
The best seven podcasts.

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Joe Exotic: Tiger King (Wonderly)

Have you wondered why everyone is talking about Tiger King? Well, if you prefer your true crime content in podcast form as opposed to a docu-series, wonder no more. If you've already binged the Netflix series, you'll know how insane the story of the zoo owner is, and you're probably hungry for more. The podcast features exclusive interviews with several of the saga's most colourful characters.


Trip Notes (NZ Herald/Newstalk ZB)

A certain global pandemic has made it near impossible to travel at the moment, but if you still need your global adventures fix, Trip Notes has you covered. It's hosted by the Herald's travel editor Stephanie Holmes and Newstalk ZB's Tim Roxborogh. Hear guests including "mother-of-the-nation" Judy Bailey and star Rachel Hunter recount their favourite trips and travel memories. It's almost as good as being there yourself.

The Bechdel Cast (iHeartRadio)

Hosted by Caitlin Durante and Jamie Loftus, this podcast analyses movies we are all familiar with through the lens of female representation. The name is derived from the Bechdel test, which measures how women are portrayed in fiction. It's an engaging listen, and the hosts debate characters from Disney princesses to ballerinas.

Laura, Sam and Toni (The Hits)

What better way to catch up with Hits hosts Laura McGoldrick, Sam Wallace and Toni Street than with their podcast? The best bits of their show feature in bite-sized episodes for plenty of laughs and variety. The perfect way to break up a day of working from home.

Ellen on the Go (The Ellen Show)

If you're a big fan of Ellen DeGeneres, this podcast is for you. The show's producers host a catch-up of the talk show and give a behind-the-scenes glance at the best moments from the week's talk show. The podcast is the perfect way to get your pop culture fix.

Creative Processing (HITRECORD & Cadence13)

You may know actor Joseph-Gordon Levitt from his starring roles in 500 Days of Summer and 50/50, and his podcast is an incredible deep-dive into what it means to be a creative person. He brings on guest like Knives Out director Rian Johnson and actors Jessica Alba and Seth Rogen to discuss their creative journeys.

The Only Way Is Through (iHeartRadio / Underarmour)

Listeners can experience the lives of elite athletes with this podcast. Accomplished sports stars and coaches discuss their journeys with journalist Cal Fussman. It's quite possibly one of the best podcasts to help you stay motivated during self-isolation, and it's a unique look at the struggle it takes to be a top sportsperson.