Since the nationwide lockdown has begun, you might be wondering how to wile away the long hours while keeping up to date with everything that's going on: listening to a podcast or seven to keep you entertained might be just what you're after.

We'll be bringing you a selection of podcast picks every day. So grab a cuppa, curl up on the couch - or multi-task with a workout or cleaning binge - and get your daily fix of entertainment with these podcasts available free on iHeartRadio.

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How did this get made?

Just like there's an infinite number of great movies out in the world, there's also a tonne of terrible ones. Hosts Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas watch bad movies and discuss what they learn. Like all art, one person's bad movie is another person's best picture, so don't take offence.


Stuff you should know

With more time to think while New Zealand is in the level four stage, you may find yourself wondering the answers to random questions. Enter this podcast, which breaks down how things work (yes, including Covid-19) and answers questions, from how pinball works, to why time seems to speed up as you age.

Fletch, Vaughan and Megan - the podcast

Most of us are working from home now and no longer dealing with a daily commute mostly consisting of being stuck in traffic. Now you can catch up with Fletch, Vaughan and Megan in the comfort of your own home and laugh along to the best bits of gossip and interviews.

Anna Faris is unqualified

Need some relationship advice from a trusted celebrity source? Actor Anna Farris has you covered. Join her as she answers listener's relationship dilemmas. Think of her as an agony aunt, but a cool agony aunt.

HP business class: The story of New Zealand business

Newstalk ZB's Heather du Plessis-Allan talks to NZ's leading business innovators and leaders. The wins, losses, and lessons learned are discussed. Guests so far include Trelise Cooper and Sir Michael and Emma Hill.

Armchair expert with Dax Sheppard

Actor Dax Sheppard talks to all kinds of fascinating people on his show, from science journalists to hypnotherapists. His aim: to explore people's stories from all walks of life, setbacks and all.


This podcast is for music fans who love true crime. Blending music history with murder, the show takes a deep dive into unbelievable stories surrounding some of entertainment's most famous figures.