We're extremely pleased to announce that the incredibly popular Locals Only podcast and online video series returns today.

The podcast is an exploration of life as a musician in New Zealand, both on and off the mic and featuring live acoustic performances from Aotearoa's finest musos. From SHAYNA to Shihad, this is the podcast for all New Zealand Music nerds.

The new season kicks off in fine style with Jeremy Redmore, the award-winning songwriter, and ex-frontman of the mid-2000's chart topping indie rockers Midnight Youth.

Locals Only: Highlight from Jeremy Redmore's interview on Radio Hauraki.

He's about to release his second solo album The Brightest Flame, an incredibly personal exploration of topics such as loss, grieving, isolation, discovery and, ultimately hope.


He'll discuss the album, its inspiration and life after Midnight Youth, with Locals Only hosts Angelina Grey and Tom Harper from Rado Hauraki before heading into the studio to film a live performance of some of his new songs.

Listen to the podcast and watch the videos on Radio Hauraki's website.