Taika Waititi has shared a video warning to the Covid-19 virus.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker posted the video on his Twitter account.

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"Wash your back Aotearoa.


"Mā tātau katoa e ārai atu te," he wrote in the Twitter post.

According to the Government's coronavirus resource on covid19.govt.nz, it translates to "together we can slow the spread".

He talks directly to the virus in the video and delivers a stern warning.

Taika Waititi posted a video message about coronavirus on Twitter. Photo / AP
Taika Waititi posted a video message about coronavirus on Twitter. Photo / AP

"You might be coming for us Covid, but you better believe...we're coming for you.

"So watch your back. Don't wash your back, watch your back.

"You don't need to wash your back...we're the one's washing our backs, that's what you've got us doing.

"We're washing everything, we're washing our backs, our hands, our ears...

"I'm so sick of washing stuff!"


"But you [coronavirus], you need to watch your back. Because we're behind you," Waititi said.

Other well-known New Zealanders have also shared a video message to the New Zealand public.

Hilary Barry, Anika Moa, Michael Galvin, and Dame Valerie Adams are among the Kiwi stars who feature.

"If you're being asked to buy all the toilet paper don't do that, you don't need to buy all the toilet paper," Waititi says during his segment in the video.

Another New Zealand celebrity who has been doing his utmost to lift the spirits of the public is actor Sam Neill, who has been posting videos on his Twitter account in a bid to cheer up those who are also in self-isolation.

The Jurassic Park actor, who starred in Waititi's film Hunt For The Wilderpeople, played a ukelele cover of Randy Newman's song Dayton, Ohio - 1903.

Neill also read the world a bedtime story on his Instagram: Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy by Lynley Dodd.

He urged the world to stay safe, wash their hands, and to social distance.