We're SEVEN weeks - almost TWO MONTHS! - into the first season of The Bachelorette NZ, and what a ride.

Between all the dates, group challenges, rose ceremonies, eliminations and a SECOND BLOODY BACHELORETTE we'll forgive you if you've lost track on who's leading the race/races for Lesina and Lily's heart/hearts.

To help you out, here's our weekly rundown of who we're tipping to get those final roses. It's based on what we like and what we think Lesina and Lily like and there's absolutely no rhyme, reason or science to it beyond that.

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Don't forget we'll be running a list until the lucky bloke(s) get(s) their gal(s) - and that will like mean at least one fewer name every week. Exciting! So, without further explanation:

1. Richie

Richie drop-crotch-pantsed his way back into top spot this week for being half of the cutest date of the season thus far.

He and Lily pashed their way around an Argentine antique shop while choosing which absolute crap to buy for each other with just $25. Dream date, dream boy.

2. Quinn

Close on Richie's drop-crotch is the Quinnsistent, quiff-haired angel who is too good for this earth.

This week he revealed that he's so besotted with Lily he can no longer read books because he can't concentrate on the words - and if that's not true, slightly inconvenient love, then I don't know what is.

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3. Michael

A well-deserved bronze goes to the man who didn't let a little thing like still having had zero dates derail him from getting his "kumara" out during a synchronised swimming competition.

"I like the size of your… talent," said Lesina.

4. Terence

Our adorable Goldilocks Honeybadger is still ranking in the top half for bravely opening up about his depression and for openly discussing toxic masculinity. He also got bonus points for pashing Lily without guilt-tripping her into it by way of saying she "owes him one". Keep it up mate.


5. Mike

Obviously he's still as hot as ever, but I'm personally finding his snarky retorts a touch grating - so for that reason, he's middle of the heap.

6. Elliott

I've actually developed a real soft spot for Elliot because I love the fact that he blatantly has zero romantic interest in either of the women and is purely here for the free lads trip.

Case in point, my favourite Elliot moment this week was when he completely ignored both gals during the polo date and focussed solely on his emotional connection with his horse.

That being said, while he might be my new favourite character because he's such a LOL, this is (supposed to be) a show about finding love so I guess I can't really rank him any higher.

7. Logan

Another week, another cheese no-show - it's no surprise Logan has completely faded from the spotlight and from Lesina's heart.

8. Jesse

Only passably better than Aaron, Jesse ranks second-to-last for constantly being embroiled in snippy drama - this week's s***show was obviously #Liamgate.

He somehow got away with not telling Lily that he knew Liam had a girl waiting for him back in Perth, but still declared that Aaron was "a prick, a loser and a rat".

9. Aaron

Didn't I say last week that "AMOG" was on the brink of utterly unravelling? And UNRAVEL he did.

He ratted Liam out to Lily, then smugly sauntered back to the lads. Then realised what he'd done was absolutly cooked. Then had a full-on nervy b where he paced around the garden panic-muttering to himself. Thoughts and prayers to Aaron please, he is not in a good space.

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