Taika Waititi is known for taking many naps, and now a fan has collected the photographic evidence to prove it.

The Twitter account @mcuwaititi posted the photos in a Twitter thread.

The Jojo Rabbit director endorsed the fan's efforts on Twitter.

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"Finally! A place where all the photos can live.

"There are more out there too.

"People with Taika photos must come forward. This is a safe place."

Their account posted several snaps of the Oscar winner snoozing over the years, like the time he took a quick nap and the ceremony in 2005. He was nominated for best short film for Two Cars, One Night.

Another classic example posted by the account is when he appeared on the talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In 2018, Waititi posted his own collection on him sleeping on the job on Instagram.

"You only get what you put in," he wrote. "#MotivationMonday."

In true Waititi fashion, he posted a photo of himself sleeping with his award to celebrate his Oscar win for best adapted screenplay.


"Thanks @variety for the Next Morning cover! Scroll right to see the 'afternoon after' watching Prisoner of Azkaban post my appearance on @theellenshow," he posted at the time.

The account ended the thread by declaring that those photos were "arguably the best and most impressive" examples.

Actor Mark Ruffalo also added his own photo to the collection. He contributed a photo of himself with the director and Chris Hemsworth on the red carpet.

Publication Entertainment Weekly recalled when they had the actor in the TIFF studio, and Waititi had to be woken up by Jojo Rabbit actor Sam Rockwell and a puppy.

The filmmaker's next projects include directing Thor: Love and Thunder, slated for release in 2021.

He is also set to star in The Suicide Squad directed by James Gunn.

No doubt Waititi will take plenty of naps in the meantime.