The Newshub team have shown they are one big happy family after enjoying a group picnic with their loved ones and new babies in Auckland.

Newshub presenter Melissa Chan-Green shared photos on social media of the Cornwall Park get-together, which included colleagues Samantha Hayes, Janika ter Ellen and Susie Nordqvist, along with their significant others and new babies.

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The gathering comes after the MediaWorks team celebrated the arrival of several new babies last year - earning the nickname "Newsbub".


Hayes and her Dutch partner, Jeroen Blaauw, welcomed son, Marlow River Blaauw, last September, before ter Ellen and her rugby reporter husband Ross Karl's son Eden arrived in October.

Chan-Green and partner Caspar had son Busby Lucas Green in November, while Newshub Live at 4pm presenter Nordqvist and her Irish husband, Graham Wright, had their second child, Indi Nordquist-Wright. Reporter Laura Tupou was also among the group of new parents with baby Amalia Patterson-Tupou, and directors assistant Michaela and Geoff Rickerby also attended with their little one.