The Hits breakfast hosts are "wildly nervous" after Sam Wallace received several missed calls from his doctor.

On The Hits breakfast show this morning, Wallace told Laura McGoldrick and Toni Street about his ordeal.

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"To paint the picture, yesterday I went for a check-up because I had viral myelitis and I had blood counts, yesterday my doctor added to some of the tests that I had because I still had sore muscles," he explained.


"And in amongst that I also had an x-ray for my back."

That night, he was on a conference call and received five missed calls.

When he didn't answer, his sister called him.

Toni Street expressed how worried she is. Photo / The Hits
Toni Street expressed how worried she is. Photo / The Hits

"I got two missed calls from my sister saying 'you need to call me'."

His sister told him his doctor was attempting to get a hold of him, and she was likely down as his emergency contact.

Wallace attempted to return the phone call but was unsuccessful - meaning the missed calls is all he knows.

Toni Street said she was worried about her co-host.

"I don't think we can even joke because this could be really serious," she said.


Viewers contacted the show to say they were anxiously waiting to hear what was wrong with Sam.

One texted into to say the suspense was "worse than a Shorty St end of season [episode]".

Listeners were left hanging after Wallace was unable to get a hold of his doctor for the results before their show finished at 9am.

Watch the hosts talk about it on-air in the video above.