I Date Rejects (TVNZ OnDemand)

Ask a single person what dating's like and they'll probably say, "Hell." There's the struggle to find someone to go out with, the awkwardness of first dates and the possibility of being ghosted (when someone ignores you without warning or explanation). Rejection's hard enough, especially when you're dumped from a dating agency that's meant to help ensure you'll never be alone again. That's what happens in this new comedy series, where four friends are deemed a "bad fit" for the professionals at I Date, prompting them to start their own agency. Can they find love for all the I Date rejects? Streaming from tomorrow.

Babies (Netflix)

A lot can happen in a year - especially if you're a baby. This science-based docuseries follows 15 international families from baby's first breath to first steps. Pulling in each family's individual experiences and combining them with groundbreaking science, there is a lot to uncover about something we've all experienced, even if we can't remember it. Streaming from today.

I Am Not Okay With This (Netflix)

Based on the Charles Forsman graphic novel, this coming-of-age story from the director of The End of the F***ing World and producers of Stranger Things has a twist. Syd is an average teenage girl trying to navigate high school, family dramas, an unrequited crush - oh, and some mysterious superpowers she must learn to rein-in. Streaming from Wednesday.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Disney+)

Some Star Wars fans will tell you this animated offering is the best thing in the galaxy and now Disney+ are reviving The Clone Wars for one final saga. The new series will continue established storylines from the original Clone Wars, which won a handful of Emmy Awards. This last series focuses on events leading up to Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Exciting, it is. Episodes streaming weekly from today.