After wowing crowds earlier this year with his uncanny rendition of an Elvis Presley classic, Opposition leader Simon Bridges has picked up the mic again - this time to spread some Christmas cheer.

Bridges was visiting ZM's Fletch, Vaughan and Megan when he was challenged to sing Jose Feliciano's beloved festive classic, showing his versatility by gamely attempting some of the Latin lingo from the original Spanish version.

Asking "what's the worst that could happen?", Bridges gripped the mic and readied himself as the familiar tune started up.

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National Party leader Simon Bridges sings Feliz Navidad on ZM. Video / ZM

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Deftly mashing together some Spanglish magic, Bridges showed off his cultural awareness by name-checking "Spanish wine and stuff" as he built towards a crescendo.

Bridges took an outburst of applause as a reason to call time on the performance.

"You wanted to stop but you wanted to keep going" said Fletch.

"You know how it is," replied Bridges.

Bridges' October performance of Elvis' Love Me Tender conjured up whoops and whistles from a crowd of Filipino supporters in Tauranga.

Dragged on stage, the sweet tunes took over Bridges, and he said when he saw more than 50 phones in the air he knew he would become a "minor viral sensation".

He caused quite the stir in the room, with many high-pitched "oohs" and "ahhs" coming from the audience.

Bridges said his love of music started back at school where he was a keen drummer and even performed in events such as Rockquest NZ.


Unfortunately, work and politics got in the way of his bright music career, he said.

"I have been meaning to buy a new drum kit!"