Mel B is in "unbearable pain" not knowing when she will see her daughter again.

The Spice Girls star and her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte share custody of their eight-year-old daughter Madison and the singer admits it has been so hard because Stephen lives in Los Angeles whilst Mel lives in the UK with her family.

Mel B has spoken out about her daughter's living situation and battle with ex. Photo / Getty Images
Mel B has spoken out about her daughter's living situation and battle with ex. Photo / Getty Images

Sharing a heartfelt handwritten note penned by her daughter Madison, she captioned it on Instagram: "This time last week I walked around winter wonderland with my 3 kids having the best Xmas fun ever, my youngest Madison with me for 7 amazing days, she wrote me this on the plane going back to LA, as I read this over and over again the pain I feel is unbearable,

I don't no when me or her sisters are gonna see her again, my abuser STILL manages to abuse me threw the courts and on a daily basis threw a "court appointed" email that allows him access to me for him to say whenever whatever he wants, I share this because I no other mothers are going threw exactly the same thing right now, just no your not alone I feel your pain , and I won't stop talking and fighting to get justice for us all and our kids #stopabuse #yournotalone #talktosomeonetoday @womens_aid please please be kind to people like me in these situation as you have no idea what me/they are going threw (sic)"


Meanwhile, Mel - who also has daughters Phoenix, 20 and Angel, 12, from previous relationships - insists she has no regrets about her love life.

She said: "Headlines are always going to be there. I can't help but be honest. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I hadn't told the truth. I can't regret anything. I've got three amazing kids, from three different - very different - relationships.

"But also, I've experienced real, deep love in my relationships, so I'm grateful for that too. I've become the person I am from all those relationships. I can say that now, because I've come out of a difficult one. You go through what you go through."