Alanis Morissette quipped that she wasn't allowed to look Vanilla Ice in the eyes when she toured with him because it was "overstimulating" for him.

Morissette opened for the Ice Ice Baby hitmaker in the 90s and was asked about the rumour that he doesn't let support acts look at him while appearing on Watch What Happens with Andy Cohen this week.

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Responding to a caller, Morissette, whose album Jagged Little Pill was a monster in the 90s, said: "A lot of artists are overwhelmed by incredible, large amounts of stimuli and I think me looking at him was overstimulating him.


"So I just averted my eyes."

Morissette was asked by another fan whether she would ever reveal which ex-partner inspired the lyrics to her 1995 hit You Oughta Know.

It was rumoured to be about former Full House actor Dave Coulier, who she was in a relationship between 1993 and 1994.

Morissette said anyone claiming to take credit for the song is stupid.

"I am intrigued with the thought, or the fact that more than one person is seeking credit for it.

"There's something like six people that have taken credit for it and I just think, if you're gonna take credit for a song where I'm singing about someone being a douche or an asshole, you might not want to say, 'Hey, that's me!'"

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