Following recent news that New Zealanders, on average, watch a concerning amount of porn, TV host Mark Richardson shared his thoughts on why Kiwis enjoy it so much.

Richardson pointed the finger at an unlikely target, when it comes to pornography: God.

"Can I blame the good Lord for our porn habit?" the TV show host and former cricketer said on The AM Show earlier today.

"Clearly he's wired us that way... our fascination with sex. Because we need to procreate don't we, to continue the species."


His comments left his co-hosts a little taken aback.

"Not even you are believing this argument," co-host Amanda Gillies told him.

"He's wired us this way and it's made us fascinated with sex and now look what happens – it plays out in our porn habits," Richardson continued.

In the end, co-host Duncan Garner seemed a little convinced by Richardson's theory.

"I did notice that [in] only 3 per cent of the porn, people are wearing condoms," he said.

"So you might actually be right."

The Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) this week published the Breaking Down Porn report, with findings about the porn habits of New Zealanders, according to 196 of the most popular pornographic videos in the country.

The Government is preparing law changes to regulate online pornography.


Internal Affairs Minister Tracey Martin has said she hopes to introduce the proposals to Parliament before the next election.

"A number of different approaches are required – some practical, some education and possibly some involving regulations. This includes preventing children and young people from accidentally being exposed to pornography and from deliberately accessing it in a digital environment, including at school."

The Government law changes were influenced by reforms in the United Kingdom, which have now been shelved.

Britain's Conservative Government decided not to bring into force a 2017 law that would have required internet service providers to install porn-blocking software with all new internet connections, forcing subscribers to "opt out" of the porn block rather than actively "opting in" to it.

The British law would also have required anyone trying to access any of about 500,000 known porn sites to provide proof, such as driver's licences or credit cards, to verify that they are not under age.


• 196 videos and 46 hours of data analysed from website Pornhub
• 3% showed condom use
• 46% were about stepfamily fantasies
• 10% showed physical aggression
• 29% showed some form of affection
• 35% contained non-consensual behaviour