Jason Derulo has shared a photo of the new tā moko that he got while he was in New Zealand performing for ZM's event Friday Jams.

On Monday, the American singer posted a photo on Instagram showing off the new tattoo on his left leg.

Last month, Derulo revealed to ZM's radio host Georgia Burt that he got a tā moko while everyone was at the Friday Jams' after-party.

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Say my name, say my name

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"It was incredible, because the tattoo artist was really spiritual and he wanted to hear my story and dedicate the tattoo based on my story and what I'm dealing with in my life and where I want to go," he said.


"When I'm feeling lost within my life, I can look at my tattoo and it brings back all the things that we talked about which I think is really cool and which I'd never had in any other tattoo."

When asked if he intended to go in and open up about his life, Derulo said: "No, he was like a psychiatrist.

"He was like 'what's going on in your life, what are you dealing with, who are the people that you're closest to in your life right now, who do you want to look at when things are not going your way and what's the biggest issue you have dealt in your life in the last five years

"It's very different from than all of my other tattoos because I have talked on the surface level with my other tattoos, but I never went this deep."

Derulo performed at Western Springs on November 17 in front of a crowd of thousands along with other popular artists such as Black Eyed Peas and Janet Jackson.