Katy Perry bares all alongside Santa Claus for her first ever Christmas song.

The 35-year-old star stripped down while performing new hit Cosy Little Christmas, reports The Sun.

The star is seen with a towel covering next to nothing as she lies on her front in fancy jewellery.

Playing a super-flirty version of Mrs Claus, she sings: "A little whisky, we're getting frisky. No, we ain't stressing, just caressing."


A nude Santa is seen enjoying a massage alongside her as the pair enjoy a summer break.

The catchy tune concludes: "Nothing's missin', 'Cause you're a blessin', Yes, you're the only one I'm wishing for."

The video got mixed reviews from fans, with many loving the song and the visuals, but others felt it was far too much.

She's seen flirting with Santa Claus. Photo / YouTube
She's seen flirting with Santa Claus. Photo / YouTube

One appreciate fan posted: "One naughty lady. And one lucky reindeer."

However, another wrote: "Not cool or cute at all to try to sexualise a reindeer and Santa Claus. Absolutely no regard for young children."

A third fumed: "Why does she have to make everything into something sexual, it's Christmas!"