Actress Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed has been charged with murder, similar to one she acted out in an upcoming horror film.

Moore-Reed stars as Valerie Faust in the upcoming horror From the Dark, having auditioned under the pseudonym of Wyn Reed.

In the film, her character shoots someone dead, but filmmakers had no idea that when she was cast, Moore-Reed was facing a manslaughter charge for the 2016 death of her uncle Shane Moore, the New York Post reports.

Moore Reed claimed the incident as self-defence. However while she was working on her latest film, investigators upgraded her charges to murder after uncovering footage of her shooting her uncle, which she filmed on her mobile phone.


According to the Post, Jackson County Circuit Judge Lisa Greif said during a January bail hearing that the footage was key in Moore-Reed's charges, telling the court: "It was almost like she was angry that he wasn't dead. To me, that kind of nailed down the evidence."

Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed. Photo / Siskiyou Productions
Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed. Photo / Siskiyou Productions

Moore-Reed was charged with murder in January with her connection to the movie only emerging this week. She is currently being held without bail and her murder trial is scheduled for next month.

Sources involved in the film told CBSLA there were eerie similarities between the real-life shooting and that which she depicted in the film.

"There's a key scene where she shoots somebody in a similar fashion," a source said, while another added: "The lead character knows they're in trouble, and she just nailed the right level of fear."

Siskiyou Productions says it is now "struggling" with how to handle the film and its release, saying "We had absolutely no idea about who she was or her circumstances".

"Please, do forgive us. We are trying our best to make a release of this film happen, but we don't want to hurt anyone in the process."