American cable television network HBO has gone viral with its low-tech solution for the problem of watching movies and TV on your laptop in a crowded space.

The HBO Box is a large cardboard box that users can place over themselves to create a dark, quiet environment to snatch some private screen time.

It has holes cut into the box so that users can stick their legs out, allowing them to fully recline.

Reassuringly, it also features breathing holes.


The entertainment giant teamed up with brand-activation company Fooji to offer the box to US college students, asking young people living in dorm rooms to tell them why they needed the box in order to win one.

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Some noted that the box could be used to watch material not offered by HBO, material that people might prefer to consume in private.

Others thought the device was proof of the acceleration of society's breakdown, with user @scotpe tweeting that the box was "the latest sign of the coming apocalypse".