Jennifer Aniston accidentally swore on live television after a "crazy" experience on a morning show took her by surprise.

The Friends star appeared on This Morning with presenter Alison Hammond who has a history of going viral - most notably for the time her humour made Blade Runner stars Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford absolutely lose it.

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Now, she's worked her magic on Reese Witherspoon and Jen Aniston, who were on the show to discuss their new Apple TV series, The Morning Show.


Things took a left turn when Hammond began showing the stars some classic clips This Morning clips, and had them guess whether they were real or fake.

One video depicted a professional knife thrower accidentally hitting his assistant in the head with a blade, which both stars assumed was fake with Witherspoon saying: "No, you can't air that!"

That awkward moment when things take a turn off the rails. Photo / This Morning
That awkward moment when things take a turn off the rails. Photo / This Morning

However, it turned out it was very much real and when they saw the clip for themselves they both squealed and Aniston hid behind her paddle board and muttered the word "s**t".

Witherspoon clasped her hand over her mouth at the gaffe but Hammond covered it up by moving on saying, "That actually happened. She was OK. Nobody was hurt."

When all the clips were done, Witherspoon exclaimed: "Now I'm just starting to think that this is the craziest show I've ever seen!"