Alex Farrell-Davey, lead singer of Kiwi indie pop band Alae, talks us through some key moments in his life and career for Snapchat. The band have also been featured in our Locals Only series - scroll down to see their exclusive performances.

My first job was ...

a kitchen hand job at the dining hall at the boarding house I went to in college. Had to get up at 5am, it was pretty lame, but Barb (everyone's favourite canteen lady) made it all good. She'd always crack me up, she had the right persona to work in an all-boys college.

It taught me ... that 5am is not the buzz. It taught me that when you use a knife you gotta tuck those damn fingers in. It taught me that minimum wage hurts the soul. It taught me that punctuality is really important.

I'm still waiting ... for my big break to be honest, but someone who has been instrumental in my successes so far is Mikee Carpinter. Without that guy, I'd still be writing songs in my bedroom feeling sorry for myself!

Alae performing Frozen in LA. Video / NZME Vision

The last job I quit was ...

a kitchen hand / pizza chef job. I quit because I was about to lose my mind! Was super busy and couldn't handle the stressful kitchen environment.

The most famous person I've ever met ... was probably Callum Scott. We opened for him at The Powerstation last year. It was an awesome gig with a great reception.

He was ... lovely, super friendly and keen for chats after the show.

Alae performing Hit me where it hurts. Video / NZME. Vision

The best time I've had on stage was ...

the first time we played R&V (Rhythm & Vines). It was our first festival we'd ever played there was an awesome line up and we were stoked we got be a part of it. P-Money played! It went off.

The worst was ... a gig in Tauranga, can't remember what venue exactly... but we played real bad, haha. I think we'd had a few big nights out.

My dream gig would be ... us, alongside The Kings Of Convenience and Feist, opening for Wilco. Those three acts are some of the most amazing songwriters — to be a part of something like that would blow my mind.