This year an episode of Game of Thrones went viral for all the wrong reasons when fans spotted a takeaway coffee cup in a scene, but a Netflix show may have just topped that gaffe.

A viewer of Reign, a dramatised biopic about Mary Queen of Scots, spotted an error in one of the scenes.

In season two episode three of the series, a sword-fight battle features a major historical inaccuracy: the Everlast branded-band of a character's underwear is clearly visible.

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"This is not the worst thing about Reign, the Mary Queen of Scots biopic on Netflix, but one of the French peasants is wearing a pair of Everlast boxers," the Twitter user wrote.

In May, the final season of Game of Thrones received a caffeine hit of controversy when viewers spotted a disposable coffee cup during a scene.

48 hours after the episode aired, the coffee cup was edited out.

The same can't be said for the error in Reign - the scene is still live on Netflix.