Harry Styles brought a homeless man some food after "feeling sorry for him", only to be stalked by him for the next three months.

A court heard yesterday that Pablo Tarazaga-Oreo refused money offered to him outside of the singer's home, due to religious reasons, so instead Styles opted to buy him food.

The former One Direction singer brought the 26-year-old homeless man sandwiches and salads, a good samaritan deed that turned into three months of horror.

"I asked him if he needed any food, he asked for some edamame beans. I stopped at a vegan cafe, I bought two sandwiches, two salads, two muffins all heated then took them to Pablo," Styles said in court.


"I passed him the bag of food through the car window at which point he asked me if I wanted to go to a restaurant to eat with him. I told him I was on my way to work. I found it a little odd. His facial expression made me feel a little uneasy. It was like a smirk."

Styles revealed from that point onwards, he felt unsafe in his own home.

The homeless man has been charged with stalking the singer. Photo / Getty Images
The homeless man has been charged with stalking the singer. Photo / Getty Images

For the next three months, Tarazaga-Oreo trailed the singer on his runs, posted notes through his letterbox and followed Styles when he was visiting his local pub.

"He would just kind of watch and look over and wait for me to leave. I was very confused very very uncomfortable, very confused, I didn't really understand it," Styles revealed in court.

Style's continued to see the Spanish-national man five days a week and Tarazaga-Oreo believed that he was "the soulmate of Harry Styles" and he was "spiritually protecting him".

The ordeal did not escalate until May this year when the homeless man lunged out Styles and attempted to grab him when he was jogging through Regent's Park.

Tarazaga-Oreo was found guilty of stalking Styles.

The defendant said that he had camped at the bus stop outside Harry's home because he knew "Mr Styles lived close by".


District Judge Nigel Dean praised Styles for helping with the case as much as possible and believed he was a reliable and credible witness.

"Mr Styles felt sorry for a young man who he saw to be living without a home during the winter when it was cold and raining very heavily and having first noticed him he then out of goodness of his heart stopped and offered to fund the defendant's hotel accommodation that evening," the judge said in a statement.

The judge concluded with: "He knew perfectly well that what he was doing at that stage amounted to harassment of Mr Styles."

Tarazaga-Oreo has since been released on conditional bail.