A model has burst into tears and fainted after unexpectedly having more than 30 centimetres of her long hair suddenly cut off on TV.

The woman, a model named İlayda, was appearing on a Turkish reality show called Kuaförüm Sensin, which translates to "You're My Hairdresser", when her hair was cut a drastically shorter length.

In the show, hairdressers and stylists are challenged to compete with one another to transform the looks of their contestants. Contestants who cut off their hair on the program can then have it donated to a charity that makes wigs for people undergoing treatment for cancer.

The hairdresser reportedly decided to cut İlayda's hair but did not run the extent of the haircut by her first. According to reports, he took a whopping 30cm from her locks — a change she was unprepared for.

The one word you don't want to hear your hairdresser say:
The one word you don't want to hear your hairdresser say: "Oops". Photo / Instagram

The incident was so shocking to the model, she burst into tears and fainted moments after realising what had happened.

After the snip, İlayda felt the length of her hair and quickly burst into tears. She then ripped off her cape and tried to walk from the set.

But before she could make it off the set, she fainted. She was luckily caught by the show's host, who grabbed her around the waist, slowing her fall.

A post of the unfortunate incident was shared on Twitter, with many saying the model's reaction was "relatable".

"I'm (screaming), why is that so relatable," a post on Twitter read that attracted more than 22,000 likes and more than 5000 retweets.

"Yo I'm actually mad just watching this," one woman commented.

"From what I know, he didn't have her permission to cut that much off and she wasn't aware of it either. People might find her overdramatic I get the hair stylist was cutting the hair for a 'good cause' but hair is super important for a girl. Also the fact that he had the audacity to smirk after doing that disgusts me."

"Did you see how long that hair was," another commenter said. "She's gonna need counselling for that trauma."