I've been playing armchair detective recently watching Criminal, Netflix's crime drama which puts a new spin on the whodunnit genre by plonking you straight into the interrogation room while a suspect gets grilled. At the start of each episode, you don't know anything, not even the crime, and the fun of the show is in trying to work out whether the suspect is lying to the police or telling nothing but the truth. By the end of each episode, you generally discover if they're guilty or innocent and whether you'd be any cop as a detective. The show's attracted some big-name talent and it's easy to understand why. It's almost like a play, being set mostly in one room and giving actors like David Tennant the chance to really showcase their acting chops.

We may have finally entered spring but winter is still claiming many casualties in TimeOut Towers. We've been dropping like flies as various ailments, afflictions and maladies strike us down. This means those left standing have been busier than usual. To keep energy levels up and power through the work, I've been mainlining dark, minimal Berlin techno mixes on YouTube. The genre's pounding beats, macabre vibes, and stomping, head-nodding grooves coupled with its repetitive nature, makes it perfect for focusing in and really churning through the work. The YouTube channel I've been hitting up most is Max Minimal's. His mixes are superb, well thought out and reliably filled with dark underground bangers that are well worth spinning if you've got a lot to do and not much time to get it done.

I'm still on a huge Fleetwood Mac buzz after seeing them live last month. To relive a little of that magic I'm planning on heading to Galatos on Saturday night to see Fleetmac Wood.
No, that's not a typo but is instead the DJ duo of Roxanne Roll and Smooth Sailing. These two have been playing dance floor ready remixes and beat-driven edits of Fleetwood Mac's classics for about five years, playing everywhere from Glastonbury to our very own Splore. You can check them out on Soundcloud and once you do you'll be scrambling for tickets. It'll be one helluva party so if you missed out on seeing the real thing recently, go dance that FOMO away.

I got 98 problems and they're all rival Tetris 99 players. This new iteration of creaky old Tetris takes the classic, block-busting game and supercharges it by turning it into a battle royale, fight for survival.
Where old Tetris was a solo affair, Tetris 99 pits you against 98 other players in a fierce puzzle-off to the death. As you manipulate your Tetris pieces to complete rows of five - a Tetris - you volley attacks at the other players. These attacks begin to fill their screens with trash pieces which makes it harder to obtain a Tetris and pushes their pieces up towards the top of the screen and defeat. Of course, with 98 rivals you yourself are also under constant attack and things quickly get extremely chaotic and incredibly frantic. By simply adding competitors the addictive nature of Tetris has been multiplied 100 percent. It's free to download on Nintendo Switch so get to it.