Former Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson has come under fire for his comments on Greta Thunberg's UN address, calling her a "spoilt brat" and telling her to "shut up".

Leading the charge is his own daughter Emily, 25, who re-posted a tweet by English comedian John Bishop full of praise for Thunberg, with the caption: "Wouldn't it be nice if all middle-aged blokes could talk to and about Greta, the ballsy as f*** teenager out there changing the world, like this?"

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Her father replied to the tweet: "Wouldn't it be nice if she learned some manners?" To which Emily shot back: "A woman doesn't need to be polite to make a point."


Her comments come after the TV star wrote a blistering column in the Sun telling 16-year-old Thunberg to "be a good girl and shut up".

He wrote: "I'm sorry Ms Thunberg, but if you're going to lay into my generation, you must accept it when I lay into you and yours."

He went on to rant about how "grown-ups... gave you mobile phones and laptops and the internet. We created the social media you use every day and we run the banks that pay for it all. So how dare you stand there and lecture us, you spoilt brat".

"Many thousands of people who you had the temerity to blame this week are trying to do exactly what you want. So be a good girl, shut up and let them get on with it."

Now, people are flocking to Twitter to admonish Clarkson, calling it a case of the pot calling the kettle black, particularly given the reason Clarkson was fired from the BBC.