The Chase's Paul Sinha has opened up about how his worries in the lead-up to his Parkinson's diagnosis earlier this year.

The British star said the diagnosis hit him hard.

He suffered from a "frozen shoulder" for more than a year before he found out.

The confirmation came just after his trip to New Zealand in May. He said he spent his time in the country making others laugh but scared to get confirmation of his worst fear.


"I spent May this year in New Zealand simultaneously having the comedy month of my life, and worrying about why a right-sided limp was now getting worse," he wrote in a blog post.

"Behind the facade of the cheerful, late-night comedy festival drunk was a man deeply scared about facing the truth when back in the UK."

A doctor confirmed his diagnosis upon his return to the UK on May 30.

"Looking back to those two weeks after the diagnosis I think I had a breakdown," Sinha said.

The Sinnerman announced his condition on Twitter in June, sparking a wave of emotional support from fans all over the globe.

"I have Parkinson's disease," he tweeted. "I will fight this with every breath I have."

The announcement was just five months after he announced his engagement to his partner, despite previously stating marriage wasn't for him.

"In the time since my Parkinson's started I have been ludicrously busy, and fully intend to keep Chasing, keep writing and performing comedy, keep quizzing and keep being hopeless at Tasks," he wrote on his blog.


"Dancing on Ice is, I suspect, out of the question," he added, showing his humour is intact.

"A lot of people have asked 'What can I do to help?'. The answer is to treat me exactly the same as before."