A contestant on The Chase TV quiz show squandered the chance to play for a $103,000 prize - by pushing the wrong button on an answer.

Contestant Gurpal was the last player from the team of four to take on Chaser Jenny Ryan.

Two other contestants had already gone home, and the only team mate to have survived suggested Gurpal take the lower offer.

Despite the advice, and only banking £1000 in the cash builder phase, Gurpal decided to play for the higher offer of £53,000 (NZ$103,825).


Gurpal had got off to a good start but was caught by the Vixen after he blew his answer by pushing the wrong button.

The critical culinary question was asked: "In Indian cuisine, what thin, spiced bread is made from ground lentil and fried in oil?"

The contestant admitted he had hit the wrong button. Photo / ITV
The contestant admitted he had hit the wrong button. Photo / ITV

The possible answers were poppadom, naan or paratha - and Gurpal, who is Indian, pushed the button to select the second option, naan.

The player revealed that the answer he had pushed was not his intended answer stating that he thought he had pressed the last option, partha.

When the correct answer of poppadom was revealed viewers were beside themselves showing that he would not have been correct anyway and Gurpal had made two mistakes.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their shock with the contestant's ordeal.

"Gurpal pressed B but intended to press C but the answer was A. He prefers fish and chips," one joked.

"How the f**k does Gurpal get that wrong twice #thechase," another questioned.


Gurpal's wrong answers sent him home after a close call to a substantial winning.

Only one contestant made it through to the final chase last night against Jenny Ryan. The player had a strong performance and managed to get 15 points ahead of the Chaser to win NZ$13,712.

Although a close win, the Chaser was on top form and caught the player.