A parody metal band which takes inspiration from The Simpsons character Ned Flanders are making their way to New Zealand for the first time.

Okilly Dokilly will be playing two gigs, one at Auckland's Whammy Bar on February 17 and one at San Fran in Wellington on February 18.

The metal band consists of five members, Head Ned (vocals), Dread Ned (drums), Shred Ned (guitar), Bed Ned (bass) and Zed Ned (synth), who all dress up as Ned Flanders.

Dubbed the world's only Nedal band, the Neds became viral after releasing just a few press photos and a four-song demo with lyrics containing direct Flanders quotes.


Their debut album, Howdilly Doodilly had 13 tracks filled with Flanderisms, with their lead single White Wine Spritzer going viral on YouTube.

The video eventually caught the eye of the folks over at The Simpsons who ran the video during the end credits of a Season 30 episode.

Another Simpsons-inspired metal band, Melbourne's Dr Collossus, will open for Okilly Dokilly in both New Zealand shows.

Named for Springfield's mad scientist, the band gained worldwide attention after the release of their single Stupid Sexy Flanders in retaliation to Ned Flanders' themed metal band Okilly Dokilly's arrival on the scene.

​Tickets to both gigs go on sale on August 23.