It's only a matter of time before the Indiana Jones franchise gets rebooted - and some of Hollywood's biggest stars are getting their auditions in early.

Late-night chat show host Conan O'Brien invited a group of potential actors to appear on his show and try their hand at the iconic action hero role played by Harrison Ford to surreal and hilarious results.

From Kevin Bacon being distracted trying to work out how many degrees of separation he actually is from Indiana Jones (spoiler: not many), to Adam Scott obsessing over weight-to-trap ratios to Seth Green appearing with a talking snake to Don Cheadle auditioning as the famous boulder from the Indiana Jones classic Raiders of the Lost Ark, things got very weird very quickly.

During his audition comedian and actor Billy Eichner questioned why the intrepid archaeologist was being rebooted in the first place.


"They're remaking Indiana Jones? Why?" the actor said, while wearing the character's iconic costume. "Is he gonna be bi now? Is it woke?"

But all their acting efforts may be for nought. In an interview this year Ford already said who he thought should replace him in the iconic role when he hangs up Jones' wide-brimmed hat.

"Nobody!" he said. "Don't you get it? I'm Indiana Jones. When I'm gone, he's gone. It's easy."