Star Wars fans have got their first look at the Sith Trooper design from the upcoming film The Rise of Skywalker.

Earlier this week, the latest episode of The Star Wars Show unveiled the new Sith Trooper design and gave fans a glimpse of tie-in products from the ninth Star Wars film.

In the latest spin on the classic Stormtrooper concept, the Sith Trooper has red armour and a more modern and menacing look than the Imperial First Order's soldiers that featured in The Last Jedi.

The designation of the Sith title confirms it will be aligned with the Dark Lord of the Sith – not entirely surprising given Emperor Palpatine is making a shock return in the new movie.


The Sith Trooper armour will feature at San Diego Comic-Con from July 18, in a special exhibit celebrating generations of Stormtrooper design. A total of nine different costumes that have featured in the movies will all be on display at the Lucasfilm booth.

But the reaction from Star Wars fans has been mixed, with many complaining the Sith Trooper design is hardly ground-breaking.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits New Zealand theatres on December 19.