It's a topic of conversation guaranteed to cause arguments between music lovers. Which song is the GOAT? Or, if you prefer, the 'Greatest of All Time'.

It's a tough call, certainly. A foolish call, definitely. But a call that Radio Hauraki is tough and foolish enough to make. They've just kicked off their search for the GOAT and they want you to get in on the arguing as well.

"It was tough, I've spent the past week just thinking about it," admits Matt Heath, when asked for his GOAT. "As a music fan I have thousands of songs I like. But the greatest of all time has to have changed and affected a lot of people's lives. Not just mine."

Heath finally settled on the exhilarating danger of Guns N' Roses' classic debut single Welcome to the Jungle.


"It's an adventure of a song," he enthuses. "The first time I heard it I was young and found the song quite terrifying, but I was attracted to it. I listened to nothing else for about six months. It was life changing. It's Guns N' Roses' greatest moment. And potentially the greatest thing ever recorded."

"Great song, no doubt about it - but I don't believe it's the greatest song of all time," counters Jeremy Wells, who dismisses his co-host's pick as "predictable".

"The greatest song of all time, in my opinion, is We Are the World," Wells reveals, citing the 1985 charity single by the supergroup USA for Africa.

"Written by the great Michael Jackson, in his pre-pedo days, and Lionel Ritchie, who is definitely not a pedo, and produced by the great Quincy Jones. There's no doubt about it. The sales don't lie, it's one of the highest-selling singles of all time. "

This sing-along song raised almost $215 million in today's money for Africa and featured a dazzling array of the world's biggest stars including Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, Tina Turner, Cyndi Lauper, Diana Ross, Paul Simon and of course Jackson and Ritchie, among many, many others.

"Look at the artists!" Wells exclaims excitedly. "How could you have a better song?"

"I've hung out with Jerry a lot over the years," Heath says, interrupting. "I've never heard him put that song on at a party. He'll put Welcome to the Jungle on. But I've never heard him put We Are the World on. Never."

"It's a 'go-to' song," Wells says, unfazed. He's confident and unwavering in his selection, but concedes his GOAT's fate is in the hands of the people.


"It'll be interesting," he says. "But the people will decide."

"One thing's for sure," Heath smirks, "the people aren't gonna say We are the World."

So now it's over to you. Vote for your GOAT by texting SONG to 3483 along with your GOAT and you will be in the draw to win a massive $100,000.

You only get one vote so make it count.

The station will countdown the Top 500 voted songs before crowning one the official GOAT, thus ending all music arguments forever. Or, more likely, kick-starting a thousand more ...